Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Little Holiday

Reg & Our New Umbrella

Reg and I have a beautiful front deck that we never use. Ever! When it is sunny, you just bake on it so we have been looking everywhere for an inexpensive umbrella and we finally found one at Canadian Tire. The hard part wasn't finding an umbrella, it was finding one with also a base.

We got both for $50 and now we might actually sit on our front deck here and there. The only issue is it appears to tip over in the wind so we have to bring it inside when we aren't using it, LOL.

Princess Auto

When you want some cheap cool stuff, go to Princess Auto. They have everything! For dirt cheap.

Princess Auto

There were so many things I wanted to buy including a cast iron frying pan but nope, I stuck to my list and bought only one thing:


Cyber-punk eye protectors! For only $6!

Why? Well when Shannon and I were discussing the Steam Punk episode of Fanboy Confessional for Hexed, I really started to miss jewellery making. I haven't wanted to make jewellery for so long but with these eye protectors, I could get out my Dremel tool and have some creative fun. Hopefully I will actually do it one day but it is nice knowing that for now, I am covered!

So we did get out of the house and do some stuff on a budget. Nothing super exciting yet but we did have one little adventure. More to come!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

We have three big umbrellas on our deck which we decided to purchase instead of a gazebo. We use a couple of different methods for weighing them down. One is to put cinder blocks on top of the base. The other is to put a couple of sandbags on top of the base. Provided that you don't have the umbrellas open during high winds or storms, this should do the trick! We certainly don't move our umbrellas all summer. They get brought out in May and put away in October.

Suzie Ridler said...

The issue with ours is the umbrella popping out of the base Debra. I'm wondering if we should duct tape it or something? Our base is filled with water which makes it heavy but keeping the light umbrella it is a bit of an issue.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have never encountered that problem . . . so yeah, DUCT TAPE solves everything, LOL! Release your inner Red Green!