Thursday, July 7, 2011

The rooftop of the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market Roof

I think many people who go to the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market may end up missing one of the greatest views around and that is from the roof which is accessible! You can check out the windmills that are always moving. It's Halifax, there is always at least a breeze.

Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market Roof

Then there is also the view of the water but even on the sunniest of summer days downtown there will eventually be fog of some sort. Here you can see the Tall Ship Silva sail by George's Island.

Halifax Seaport Farmers' Market Roof

Even Theodore Tugboat went by as we stood staring into the misty light blue landscape, waiting to see what will emerge from the fog next.

I do not live in Halifax so we have had zero fog here. It has been very warm and sunny where I live, finally! But I do still feel like I am trying to see through the mist of our lives, figure out what is going to happen. There are no indications from the universe at all. Everything is silent and secret.


laoi gaul~williams said...

such beautiful pictures~i just love the boat in full sail!

Her Speak said...

Those boats are epic!! We only have one schooner on our lake--how majestic. :)